If you have watched the video, you know I am going to take on 2 young men to introduce them into the outdoors in 2024. They will be someone who has never hunted or fished or maybe has done very little. And over the 2024 season I will do all I can to help them become outdoors men. This will be filmed for two different series of videos that will be posted on my YouTube channel.

The Hunter = I will show him everything I do from running trail cameras, reading the trails, knowing where and when to set up for the hunt, how the clean and care for the game he will harvest and much more. This will all be on video for 100s maybe 1000s the watch and follow along.

The Angler = We will start by learning the tackle and what is needed to start fishing, He will then start to use his tackle on float trips on the Monocacy river in Frederick County Maryland. We will cover 54 miles of the Monocacy river and show many parts of the river most will never see, and we will do it in a float tube to show just how safe and easy it is to enjoy the water. And again, this will be on videos as well.

Now I haven't picked this two young people as of yet, but I will mid-February. I did post on Facebook and talked with the boy scouts & a boy's club. I do have 8 names to meet up with and talk more before I pick the 2 that will be a part of this.

These 2 will need to be set up with gear, tackle etc. and everything they get will be theirs to keep. I will be asking my sponsors to help out as well. but if you would like to be apart and donate as little as $5.00 every little bit will help them out. You can pick your donation amount as well as hunter or angler. I will be doing a meet video as soon as I have picked the 2 winners so you can follow them this season on my channel.

thanks for looking in and thanks for your help.

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