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Anglers Donation

Anglers Donation

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Make a Donation to help with supplies for this young angler. I am going to take a new angler who has never fished or has fished very little for a video series that will cover 54 miles of the Monocacy River in Frederick County Maryland. This will be somewhere around 20 videos over the summer. They will learn how the pick their own tackle, How the catch their own bait, and how the fish lots of different ways. This will all be filmed for our YouTube channel so everyone can follow along and learn as well, this could help 100s of people get started in fishing. Your Donation will help set Him or Her up with all the tackle needed and they will keep it all at the end of this series so they can enjoy fishing for years to come.

Watch the video for more info about what I am looking to do in these two series.

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