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Barronett Blinds

Barronett Blinds Face-Off™ Panel Blind

Barronett Blinds Face-Off™ Panel Blind

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Model: FA101CT

The Face-Off™ Adjustable Panel Blind is the larger, see-through cousin of the Barronett Blinds® Field Shield™. Don’t let its size fool you though, the Face-Off™ still weighs in at only 12 pounds, making it ideal for run-and-gun hunting situations. The Face-Off™ is ready for the elements with its heavy-duty 2-Layer Bonded Fabric and offers superior visibility with a 1-Way Fabric window attachments. The 1-Way Fabric offers you more cover that you can see through from the interior, but prey can’t see though on the exterior. The windows feature noiseless toggle and loop attachments ensuring you can get the perfect shot while remaining concealed. The included heavy-duty adjustable ground stakes and oversized ground skirt offer 16-inches of up and down adjustability which makes the blind perfect for different sized hunters and uneven terrain. Pair the Face-Off ™with our matching Ground Gobbler Chair and you’re ready for a concealed and comfortable sit.

  • Adjustable Height
  • Deploys in seconds
  • 2-layer bonded fabric
  • The 1-Way Fabric Window Panels
  • Quiet, toggle and loop window attachments
  • Connects with Additional Face-Off Blinds
  • Pairs perfectly with the Ground Gobbler Chair
  • Integrated Brush Straps
  • Heavy Duty Stakes
  • Includes Carry Bag w/ Chair Pocket
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