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Barronett Blinds

Barronett Blinds Foursight™ Ground Blind

Barronett Blinds Foursight™ Ground Blind

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Model: FRS400CT

The FourSight™ Hub Blind is an extra-large 4-sided see-through blind. The 1-Way Fabric provides an undistorted view from the inside, while the exterior appears completely solid to keep you shielded from your prey. The FourSight™ offers room for up to three hunters, featuring 75 inches of headroom and an 88” x 88” shooting width. That’s 8 inches taller and a 25% larger footprint than a typical 4-sided blind. The blind is reinforced throughout with an OxHide™ 2-layer fabric roof and reinforced in the corners. In addition, the framework is constructed from extra-large heavy-duty fiberglass poles and rugged aluminum hubs for maximum durability.

  • 3-Person Capacity
  • 1-Way Fabric
  • 360° Viewing
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