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Barronett Blinds

Barronett Blinds Tag Out Ground Blind

Barronett Blinds Tag Out Ground Blind

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Model: TA350BT

The Tagout, Barronett Blinds™, has plenty of room for small group hunts. When you find the perfect spot, simply pop open and you’re ready to hunt. The large, zippered windows of the Tagout 350, offering excellent viewing and can be opened or closed in multiple arrangements to suit any hunter’s needs. The window mesh is shoot-through and can easily be replaced when needed. The Tagout 350 features Bloodtrail® Woodland camo for optimum concealment, and blaze orange panels on the roof for added safety during gun season.

  • 3 Person Capacity
  • Integrated Blaze Orange Panels
  • Shoot Through Mesh
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