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Rivers edge

Rivers Edge Treestands Landmark Permanent Blind Tower

Rivers Edge Treestands Landmark Permanent Blind Tower

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Model: LM623

ELEVATE YOUR LANDMARK™ PERMANENT BLIND - The Landmark™ 10’ 600 Tower can be paired with the Landmark™ 600 Permanent Blind or used independently for an elevated position to provide optimal viewing. It is built with large steel tubing and cross-bracing for strength and stability. Its large entry platform with hand rails allow for easier entry and exit. The treaded ladder rungs provide superior grip to help prevent slipping while climbing in inclement weather. Included with the Landmark™ 10’ 600 Tower are leg stakes and anchor system.

  • Large Entry Platform
  • Includes Leg Stakes & Anchor System
  • Fits LM600 &LM601 Landmark™ Permanent Blinds
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