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Barronett Blinds

Barronett Blinds 360 Deluxe Wide Chair

Barronett Blinds 360 Deluxe Wide Chair

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Model: BC107

The 360 Deluxe Wide Chair has the same great features as the 360 Deluxe Chair but now available in a wider version. The seat measures 22" wide allowing extra room for bulky gear. Featuring four adjustable legs for added stability. Each leg adjusts independently allowing you to sit level even if you're on uneven terrain. It also adjusts up and down for hunters of all height and to any window configuration of your blind. The large base of the feet won't sink into the ground to provide a rock solid foundation. The 360-degree rotation enables you to always know what's going on around you. The durable and comfortable TearTuff™ mesh backrest and seat was designed to ensure you're comfortable no matter how long your hunt lasts.

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