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Campark TC18 2K 4G Solar Powered Wireless Live View PTZ Trail Game Camera

Campark TC18 2K 4G Solar Powered Wireless Live View PTZ Trail Game Camera

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About this item

  • Ideal for Wild Areas: Equipped with a solar panel and a built-in 8000mAh battery in the trail camera, it can work even 365 days after being fully charged. The trail camera is connected to the Internet of 4G cellular network so that you could remotely view and download videos. No need to go to the wild and take off the trail camera frequently. This trail camera is a US version that applies to North America(US, Canada, Mexico, etc.)

  • Remote Access and Flexible Storage: This trail camera is a 4G cellular trail camera. Insert a micro sd card (not included) and the provided SIM card, you could view and download the videos on the free app remotely no matter where you are. You could also record manually and do settings easily on the app. Both micro sd card and cloud storage are supported. Tips: If the app screen is trying to load with a black screen after use for days, please recharge the SIM.

  • Clear 2K Video Pan 355°Tilt 90°View: The wireless trail camera captures HD 2K (2668x1440) real videos. It can pan 355°Tilt 90°to get the widest angle to monitor wildlife. You could easily adjust the angle on the app remotely. This is a disruptive innovation of trail cameras, so you could adjust the angle wherever you are as long as there is the internet.

  • 3 Vision Modes: There are 2 Night Vision modes and 1 Day Vision to choose from. When you choose the white light mode, you will get color night vision videos. When you choose the infrared light mode (invisible), you will get a white and black image. The day vision is color. The resolution of all the modes is HD 2K. Tips: The white light night vision mode has a glowing light, which may scare away wildlife, so it is recommended to change it to night infrared light mode when you monitor wildlife.

  • Waterproof IP66 for Outdoors: With a waterproof and robust body, the solar cellular trail camera can resist splashing water, rain, heat, and cold. The cellular trail camera comes with a SIM card with a free 100MB. Once cellular data is used up, it is easy to recharge on the app. (NOTE: Micro sd card is NOT included.)
Campark TC18 solar PTZ trail camera

4G Cellular PTZ Solar Powered Trail Camera

  1. With this cellular 4G trail camera, you can view and download videos remotely without a distance limit.

  2. Equipped with a built-in 8000mah battery and solar panel, which makes the trail camera work for 365 days.

  3. 360-degree rotation, all-around view.

  4. Supports the carriers: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile

  5. 4G Cellular trail camera (SIM Card is included)

  6. Share live views with friends on the app.
Campark TC18 solar PTZ trail camera
Campark TC18 solar PTZ trail camera
Campark TC18 solar PTZ trail camera
Campark TC18 solar PTZ trail camera

3 Vision Modes

  1. Infrared Night Vision Mode: This mode helps to capture black and white video and it will not scare away wildlife.
  2. White Light Mode: This mode has white light at night, which captures color night vision video and it may scare away wildlife. This mode can be used for farm surveillance.
  3. Day Vision: This mode captures full-color video.

Tips: When you use the trail camera at night, please choose the exact night vision mode(Infrared Night Vision or White Light Mode) to meet your need.

Warm Tips:

1)SIM card is included, and 100MB(7 days) net data is free. When the free data is used up or used for more than 7 days, please recharge the SIM on the app.
2)Please reset the trail camera before use. When you want to connect the trail cam with a second phone, please first delete the device on your previous phone app and reset the camera.
3)Please format a micro sd card on the app (a Micro sd card is NOT included).
4)Please charge the trail camera for about 8~10 hours before use.
5)The SIM card is available in North America and Europe. For Example Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico; (not available in Australia)

Campark TC18 solar PTZ trail camera package


✔4G Cellular trail camera

✔Power Supply: Solar-powered and built-in 8000mAh battery

✔2K HD video for day and night

Night Vision Range: 32ft

✔Viewing Angle: Pan 355°, tilt 90°

✔Vision Mode: Black &white night mode, color night mode, full light day mode

✔Playback: Support playback on the APP

✔Mobile System: Android / iOS

✔Storage: Cloud and micro sd card storage

✔Waterproof: IP66

✔Multi-party sharing: Supports many users’ sharing

✔Supports other carriers: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile

What's in the box

  • 1x Trail Camera
  • 1x SIM Card
  • 1x Solar Panel
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Mounting Belt
  • 1x Threaded Tripod
  • Accessories
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