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Campark TC22 4K Trail Camera WiFi Dual Lens Solar Power Integrated Game Camera with Starlight Night Vision

Campark TC22 4K Trail Camera WiFi Dual Lens Solar Power Integrated Game Camera with Starlight Night Vision

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About this item

Dual-lens Design & Starlight Night VisionThis hunting camera adopts a dual-lens design (daytime lens + night vision lens), the daytime lens shoots color images during the day, and the night vision lens can not only shoot black and white images, but also color images (photographing environment need with a certain luminosity), according to different environmental conditions, it can capture different picture effects for you. The newly upgraded starlight night vision mode enables the camera to capture color images even in low-light conditions through special sensors and image processing technology, providing you with a better night observation experience.

4K HD Video & 60MP Ultra-Clear Image】This outdoor hunting camera is designed with Sony IMX458 high-quality sensor and 6-layer high-quality glass wide-angle lens, no matter it is day or night, which can shoot 4K HD video with audio and 60MP ultra-clear image. The built-in 850nm high-power LED infrared night vision light ensures that the camera does not emit any light to scare wild animals when it is working at night. It is the best assistant for catching wild animals.

WiFi Connection & APP Control】You need to turn on the built-in WiFi of the camera through the Bluetooth of the mobile phone (the WiFi is not turned on in standby mode), and complete the connection between the mobile phone and the camera WiFi. Then download the "Wildlife Cam" APP on Google Play (applicable to both Android and Apple systems). After completing the WiFi connection, it is convenient for you to set the camera angle, view or download images and videos on the APP.

Integrated Solar Power SupplyThis solar integrated hunting camera is equipped with solar panels and built-in two 4400mAh high-capacity lithium batteries, which provide stable power for the camera and ensure long-term shooting. Under the irradiation of sufficient sunlight, solar energy can also be stored in the lithium battery, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and avoids frequent battery replacement. The battery life is strong, and the long standby time in the field can reach one year.

0.1S Trigger Speed】When a wild animal is detected within the monitoring range of the hunting camera, it will shoot at a fast trigger speed of 0.1S to ensure that the movement track of the animal can be captured faster and more accurately, reducing camera delay and providing you with More wonderful moment.

IP66 Waterproof】The TC22’s IP66 waterproof and dustproof function ensures that the camera can maintain normal operation in harsh conditions and environments. With super weather resistance (-5°F~140°F), it is suitable for wild animal track monitoring, farm safety, hunting and other occasions.

More Functions】This solar starlight night vision hunting camera also has customization functions. You can add after-sales mailbox (already added), loop recording function, etc. in the camera.

WiFi Dual Lens Solar Power Integrated Trail Camera

Loop Recording

The camera supports loop recording to ensure that you can get more and clearer wildlife action tracks.

WiFi Dual Lens Solar Power Integrated Trail Camera

4K Original Video and 60MP Clear Image

Day or night, this camera can capture 60MP HD images and 4K high-quality video

WiFi Dual Lens Solar Power Integrated Trail Camera

WiFi Connection and APP Control

After turning on the phone's Bluetooth and successfully connecting to the camera's WiFi, you can view and download images on the APP

WiFi Dual Lens Solar Power Integrated Trail Camera

Starlight Night Vision
This hunting camera has a starlight night vision function, which allows the camera to capture clear color images even in low-light conditions.

WiFi Dual Lens Solar Power Integrated Trail Camera

Dual Lens Switch Automatically 
The built-in IMX 458 sensor will allow this camera to use the day lens to capture color images during the day, and will automatically switch to noise reduction mode at night.

WiFi Dual Lens Solar Power Integrated Trail Camera

Adequate Power Supply
This solar all-in-one hunting camera can not only be powered by absorbing solar energy, but also can be charged through the Type-C data cable without dry batteries.

WiFi Dual Lens Solar Power Integrated Trail Camera
  1. Charge the trail camera for 8 hours
  2. lnsert a SD card
  3. Switch to "SETUP"
  4. Click "MENU"
  5. Find "Format" to format SD card
  6. Setting the "MENU”
  7. Switch to"ON”
  8. Start recording
Warm Tips
  • Please turn on the wiFi and Bluetooth functions of your mobile phonebefore using the APP.
  • This hunting camera is not an lP-CAMERA, the APP control has a range limit,please make sure the distance between the phone and the camera is within10 meters.
  • The camera WiFi can only be used in connection with the mobile APPwithin at an effective distance, and cannot be connected as an AP LAN.
  • Design and technical specification are subject to change.
  • The card speed of the memory card must be above U3, and it is easy to get stuck if it is lower than U3
      • Pixels: 60MP during the day (right lens), 8MP at night (left lens)
      • Motion detection: PIR infrared light, effective distance 20 meters
      • Night vision mode: black and white night vision / starlight night vision
      • Charging: 5V 1A Type-C port/1W solar energy
      • Battery: 2 18650 lithium batteries, 4400mAh capacity
      • Audio: recordable
      • Storage: SD card (not included, maximum support 128G, note: card speed requires U3 or above)
      • Waterproof grade: IP66
      • Networking method: WiFi hotspot direct connection
      • Installation method: strap installation (including two straps)
      • Application: Wildlife Cam
          Package List
          • 1*hunting camera
          • 1*0.5M Type-C charging cable
          • 1*Instruction manual
          • 2*installation straps
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